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Caribe Tours

This website is certainly one of the hardest websites I developed until now. The first cause of that is because it has it’s own platform, with it’s own database and administration area. Besides that, I wanted it to be all in one page, having smooth animations when moving from page to page while the content was being loaded asynchronously. […]



There isn’t much to say about this website. It was a humour blog developed in 11/2014 that ended up not having the expected success and therefore was closed. We used the Rubine WP theme as base and customized it to meet the colours and purpose we wanted. It was the first (and only) logo made by me. […]


Mesa Reservada

This was a simple concept that ended up being discontinued. All the interface and server-side code was made by me. Besides being discontinued, it still is online, but just as a simple project. I can release the source code for those who ask. PT Este foi um simples conceito que acabou por ser descontinuado. Toda […]

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To finish my highschool course I needed to make a software. Most people configured a websites based on WordPress/Joomla and then started adding articles and pages. I decided to go a little bit further and start a little platform on my own, where everything would run into one page, having all the information being sent by […]



This WordPress template was originally developed by Pedro Vieira. I just added some features (like the request of samples) and finalized it. I did this while I was doing a internship in the company. PT Este tema de WordPress foi originalmente desenvolvido pelo Pedro Vieira. Eu simplesmente adicionei umas funcionalidades (como o pedido de amostras) e finalizei-o […]


Equivalenza Braga

I made this website in 2012 for the Equivalenza store in Braga. It’s a simple presentation site with a card design and a endless animation in the homepage. The homepage animation was done by me as well, using the HTML5 canvas. The entire website was done in a afternoon… PT Fiz este site em 2012 para […]


Space Destroyers

This was just a simple project I developed on my own. It’s purpose was to be a online game like Ogame/Travian/Tribal Wars and I was really into it, but then I realized that it wouldn’t be easy to have people playing it if it didn’t have pretty good graphics. I searched for people who could do […]